Ear Candling




Ear Candling



Ear candling is a traditional technique used to gently remove blockage from the ear canal. It can also relieve ringing and pressure in the ears, and is a service offered at Holistic Care Approach in Grand Rapids. View our pricing.



A Natural Ear Wax Removal Technique



Ear candling is an old Home-Remedy that is believed to help with various ear disorders. A hollow candle is lit with a match and placed in the ear. This process can be safely used to lessen sinus pressure, ringing, and fluid in the ears and in many cases it enhances hearing. Using candles is more comfortable and generally less expensive than conventional methods of ear healing.

The practice of candling is actually an ancient art form and is very popular in Europe. At the present time however, we know of other areas of the world such as China, Mexico, Italy, and Canada where ear candling is a very common natural ear wax removal technique.



Candling Questions and Answers



Does candling really work?: Response from several thousand users indicates candling is very effective.

How does candling work?: Aside from helping to remove wax, it is thought that since the ears are so delicate that the movement of smoke and the heat from the candle can cause subtle energy changes which in turn may offer relief from pressure or energy blockage. There are frequent reports of relief from ear wax build up, hearing problems, ringing in the ears, sinus problems, headaches, and even infection.

Can all of that wax remaining in the used portion of the candle really be from my ear? No. Some of the wax residue is from the candle. By carefully examining the residue, you may be able to distinguish between candle and ear residue. The most important thing to notice after candling is how good your ears feel!

How often can candling be used? This has to be an individual decision. It takes ears about 24 hours to replace their protective coating of wax if it has been removed. Obviously, using candles every day would not be advisable. Common sense is the best determining factor.



Ear Candling Specialists in Grand Rapids




Michelle Doetsch

Michelle Doetsch is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, a Certified Infant Massage Instructor, and a Reiki Master. She Graduated from Spring Renewal Holistic Wellness Center in 2002, and taught anatomy, physiology, vibrational healing, chair massage, hot stone massage and general bodywork at Spring Renewal before coming to Holistic Care Approach in 2005.


Molly Kehoe

My name is Molly Kehoe, and I have happily been with Holistic Care Approach since 2001. I worked for Spectrum Health (Blodgett campus) for 26 years as a surgical scrub nurse. My team was orthopedics,and this has given me an unique opportunity to literally view the human body from the inside so to speak. I did many many hip and knee replacements with several different surgeons, lots of spinal surgeries, and I also worked with plastic surgeons on everything from skin grafts for burn victims, to facelifts, liposuction, maxillo/facial re-alignment, breast reduction, augmentation and restorative surgery after mastectomy. I went back to school in 1999, at the wonderful Naturopathic Institute in Mt Pleasant Michigan. I had been given a special opportunity to study there, and it was a good fit with my previous vocation. I graduated in 2001 with a Bodywork therapist degree, and have been studying various other therapies ever since. I have worked as a professional Astrologer, and am happy to discuss this fascinating view of the Universe during your massage, if you are interested. I have been trained to do many types of massage, simple Swedish for relaxation, therapeutic for injuries,pregnancy massage, reflexology, healing touch, lymphatic drainage, and my most requested, CranioSacral Therapy. I have had 6 levels of training from the John Upledger Institute for this unique type of therapy. It is very subjective, and is a unique experience for most people. It is light touch,20energy directed, and heals on many levels by addressing a person’s cranial sacral system, literally the fluid that flows inside the head and spinal cord of our bodies. It is a therapy that removes blockages, pressure points internally, and is effective for everything from persistent migraines, many types of physical injuries, and even emotional release from trauma. This is a therapy that can open up new avenues of healing for many people. I have had pediatric training in this modality, and see newborns to correct any birth trauma, to toddlers and up with tone problems or learning disabilities. I also have been fortunate enough to train under Fabian Maman, a wonderful French innovator, who has coined the treatment “Vibrational healing”. This 1 and a half hour treatment involves using tuning forks and some energy healing to “tune” the spine, balance your bodies energy centers, and using his unique music, release old primal pain. It is deeply relaxing, and I really enjoy seeing the results from this treatment. I am available to see clients at HCA on Wednesdays and Thursdays, with some flexibility in my schedule. If you have seen something here that speaks to you please call for an appointment. My greatest joy is to make my clients feel nurtured, safe, and open to their own healing powers.

Jamie VanDam

Jamie VanDam has practiced in the medical field for 13 years in Home IV Therapy. This experience gave her the the oppurtunity to learn about western medicine and alternative therapies. Since 2004, Jamie has aquired skills as a Holsitic Healer and Teacher. She is always continuing her education in this field. Jamie has completed courseworkas a Medical Intuitive Level II and is a certified Level III Reiki Practitioner. Jamie specializes in CranioSacral Therapy for which she has completed Levels I-IV at the Upledger Institute. Jamie sees adults, children and newborns. She also does the Raindrop Technique and Ear Candling.