October 2016 News Breast Cancer Awareness

Thermography IMAGE is EVERYTHING… Safety & Peace of Mind a Unique Concept for Preserving Your Breasts and Your Heart!

IMAGE of SAFETY… Today, with the recognized potential harm of routine over-exposure of radiation to healthy men, women and children, the trend is toward “safer testing”

Thermography is the ULTIMATE safe test. Nothing enters or invades the body; the body has it’s own method of illuminating it’s signs and symptoms that reveal themselves as thermal changes on the skin. Today we can safely see them with thermography… so why not take a look? CLEAN.PURE.SAFE

IMAGE of PRESERVATION… Hippocrates’ directive of “Do No Harm” is exactly what patients expect of health and well-care today. heart-of-healthy-foods

If your images reveal no abnormal or suspicious activity, then take steps to preserve your status.
If your images reveal early abnormal or possible suspicious activity, themography offers you time to change it.
The good news is with themography, you never have to compromise your cellular DNA or disrupt any other biological function to find out. SAFE.PURE.PEACE OF MIND

IMAGE OF PREVENTION… Decades of experience has taught us that the ONLY way to control disease is to prevent it in the first place.

First, you must become aware of the subtle changes that are typically developing unseen for decades. They can no longer hide.. not when you have the “Infrared Eyes” of thermography.
It is possible to change the course of everyone’s medical history by seeing, believing and making subtle changes in everyday habits to reveal the reality and power of prevention. EARLIER.SAFER.PREFERRED



IMAGE of CONFIDENCE… We invite you to experience this professional preventive medical test in our office.

Have you considered Thermography for your next breast exam? Thermography uses ultra-sensitive infrared cameras alongside sophisticated computers to detect, analyze, and produce a high-resolution mapping of your body’s temperature variations. Because of its extreme sensitivity, these temperature variations may provide subtle, yet vital clues to the detection of cancer or a precancerous state of the breast. There’s no radiation, no compression, and the technology is supported by more than 800 peer-reviewed studies.

As a special offer for Breast Health Month, Holistic Care Approach will deduct 10% from your initial Thermography screening cost. To schedule your appointment, Contact Us or visit our website for more information on Thermography