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The_Fertility_Center_logoThe Fertility Center

At The Fertility Center, we understand that what many may “take for granted” when conceiving a child may seem like an insurmountable condition to others. We will work with you to help put aside your fears and work toward a positive outcome.

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Breton Village Pediatrics and Family Medicine

Dr. MacField believes in providing both traditional and alternative medicine to his patients.  He specializes in Alternative / Complementary medicine, Hormone Replacement Therapy (also known as Pellet Therapy) , Osteoporosis management, Chronic Pain management, Functional Medicine, and Geriatric Medicine.

Dr. MacField’s specialized hormone therapy is designed to replicate your bodies natural hormones exactly, making them bio-equivalent.  This means that your body can not distinguish the difference between those hormones and your own natural hormones, lessening the probability of side effects and maximizing results.

Grand Rapids Center for MindfulnessGRCFMlogoStack

The Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness partners closely with Holistic Care Approach. Our two Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction instructors, Carol Hendershot and April Hadley, bring GRCFM’s practice and life approach of mindfulness to HCA. Sharing the power of mindfulness for a happier and healthier life is their mission.

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