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Fotolia_2852423_S_SMTake advantage of our current specials and experience the sense of relaxation, health and well-being in the hands of our skilled practitioners. Simply mention that you saw these specials online to receive your discount. If you request your appointment by email, mention the name of the special you’d like to schedule. Follow this link to Schedule Your Appointment today!


We care about the whole you – body, mind, and spirit – and we believe that only by balancing the three can you enjoy good health


                                          June Specials:

  • Saturdays for 10% Off Couples Massages!
  • Visit us for a massage therapy session and receive a Free Lip Balm
  • Spend $65 or more on a Gift Card, we’ll give you a Free $5 Gift Card
  • 10% Off all Avène and Éminence Skin Care Products including their natural and organic sunscreens!

Service Spotlight: Relax, Heal, and Invigorate Your Body with Massage Therapy

Many people come to Holistic Care Approach seeking our massage therapy services. Some need to reduce their stress, anxiety, and relieve tension, others to rehabilitate their injuries, and some just to maintain their overall wellbeing. Our diverse and talented staff of licensed massage therapists have helped countless people treat a wide range of ailments. Read on to see some of our massage therapy options below.

Therapeutic Relaxation

Therapeutic and relaxation massage utilizes a variety of bodywork techniques that have helped many people lower their blood pressure, increase circulation, strengthen their immune system, and feeling their best. Read More


                              Myofascial Release

Fascia, or the fibrous tissue that surrounds your muscles, can restrict your range of motion when injured or thick. Myofascial release is done by applying gentle pressure to the Fascia tissue. Fascia release helps soften this tissue and promote healing. Read More             


Repetitive Injury Muscle Release

The Repetitive Injury Muscle Release Technique is a unique injury therapy that combines compression, extension, movement, and breath. In many cases, these tools allow the therapist to relieve pain in just one session. Read More


Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy is the utilization of static pressure on specific myofascial points to relieve pain. This technique manipulates the soft tissue of the body (muscles, tendons and connective tissue) to balance the central nervous system. Read More

There are many different types of massage therapy offered by Holistic Care Approach. To see a full list of our massage services, Click Here, or Contact Us to find the one that’s right for you. Interested in Myofascial, Repetitive Injury, or Neuromuscular Massage? Join us in welcoming our newest massage therapist Lisa Keefer and Schedule An Appointment with her!

Meet Our Talented & Experienced Practitioners:

Lisa Keefer

Lisa is a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist and is Certified in Neuromuscular Therapy and Myofascial Release.  Her education includes a Business Management degree from Grand Rapids Community College and graduation from the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy in 2016. Lisa specializes in Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Aromatherapy. Knowing these techniques allows Lisa to reach the source of pain quickly and use her skills to bring about long term pain relief. Conditions such as migraines, back pain, sciatica, neck and hip pain are within her areas of expertise. Full Bio

Product Spotlight: Avène & Éminence Skin Care

Holistic Care Approach has always aimed to foster healthy beauty inside and out. We proudly carry Éminence and Avène skin care products to help our customers maintain clear, healthy, and radiant skin with natural ingredients. Both Eminence and Avene also specialize in organic and natural sunscreen for summer protection. They’re both hypoallergenic, all without the harmful chemicals you’d normally find in sunblock.

Éminence Organic Skin Care products offer a truly exquisite experience. The philosophy behind them is simple, and fits with the modern need of finding a natural skin care solution. Benefits of the Éminence Organic Skin Care line include firmer, calmer, and healthier skin, a brighter complexion, and natural age spot removal.

You can now find Avène Facial Care products at HCA as well! Avène’s Antirougeurs line provides soothing, holistic treatment for unwanted skin redness. Key ingredients within Avève products work synergistically to gently cleanse and remove impurities while providing comfort and support overall vein health.

If you have any questions about our Éminence or Avène skin care products, or would like more information to see which is the best fit, please feel free to Contact Us or stop by for a visit. We’d be more than happy to assist you!



Earn Free Skin Care Treatments with a HCA Skin Care Party!

Our Skin Care Center awards free treatment credits for those who host their own HCA Skin Care Party. Arrange a renewal party for pre-spring pampering tips and you could earn up to $700 in FREE broadband light services. Invite 10+ guests for a $700 credit, or 6-9 guests for a $350 credit. Enjoy appetizers, wine, discounts and a two-hour, in-home, live treatment demonstration with anti-aging and skin care tips. (Service area is within 15 miles of Grand Rapids.)

Call (616) 361-9221 to book your party.

Or Refer a Friend for a $50 Credit

At Holistic Care Approach we truly value your business and understand that the highest compliment you can pay us is the referral of your family and friends. To thank you for your continued confidence in our staff, you and your referral BOTH receive a $50 credit. Schedule your free skin care consultation and you will receive your referral card to fill out. When the referred client presents the card at their first visit, both individuals receive a $50 credit toward any of our wonderful HCA Skin Care Center services of equal or greater value.

Contact us now for your consultation!

Other Current Specials

Facial Express – 30 minute facial for only $50 or Schedule a Facial Express with any $65 massage for $40.

Healthy Mondays – $10.00 off your massage when you bring a friend.

Massage/Facial –  $105 for 90 minute treatment. Get a little carried away, just the right amount of indulgence you need to relax and refresh.

EnerPeel Eye & Lip Pen Peel – $350 for 2 treatments. Savings of $50. Glytone Eye/Lip Pen Peel is your solution to age spots, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes & lips. This is the ONLY treatment able to work within the orbit of the eye! Call today for your FREE consultation.

New! Firming Sculpting Cellulite Wrap – $150 for 90 minute treatment.   Minerals from an underground thermal lake in Hungary have been boiling and fermenting for centuries, creating a highly potent blend of sulfur, spring water and phytoestrogens. These elements have been combined into an Herbal Mud Masque that is used to detoxify, purify and stimulate the lymphatic system, releasing toxins and excess fluids from the skin. The body is first dry brushed to loosen dead skin debris, cleansed and treated to an herbal masque and wrap. The body will get extremely spicy as its circulation increases A highly effective and stimulating treatment that can be done twice a week as part of an ongoing program for long term results.

New! Green Clay Exfoliating Body Treatment – $100 for 90 minute treatment.   A light massage followed by a thick coat of warm green clay. This clay is sometimes called ‘marine clay’ which gives it’s rich mineral content. Relax and enjoy the wrapping of your entire body in this ancient secret of beauty and health. Draw toxins, heavy metals and renew circulation. While your body is pampered head to toe in warm towels and thick creams to nourish your skin.