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August Specials:

This month we’re focusing on our incredible skin care services and are highlighting our talented practitioners and the skin therapy you need as the summer continues. The sunshine can be harsh on scars, hydration, and other conditions, making it essential for you to prioritize your skin care routine for optimal recovery.

To honor your skin and our services, we’re offering a free paraffin dip or sauna with the booking of any skin care service—so you can indulge in self-care. To keep the treatments going when you leave your appointment, take home any of our Avene products, which are hypoallergenic, natural, and perfect for sensitive, changing skin. We’re offering 10% off all Avene products during the month of August so your skin can keep receiving nourishment at home.

Our events calendar remains fairly quiet this month, but stay tuned for our new session announcement of Mindfulness Bases Stress Reduction series. During this beautiful weather, we encourage you to focus on yourself and continue solo meditation. If you need a reset guide from Healing in America, attend our Guided Meditation and Healing Circle on the first Wednesday of the month, August 7.

Take a look at our monthly calendar for more upcoming events, and be sure to review our services or schedule an appointment online. We look forward to helping your skin and soul radiate this season!

Service Spotlight: Facials and Skin Care


Get faster healing, lasting reconstruction, and deep hydration with our skin care services.

Since the skin is the largest organ, it has profound effects on our health and well-being. At HCA, our professional skin care therapists take a careful, holistic, non-invasive approach to repair, renew, and refresh your skin. Our services are intended to protect the body and increase the skin’s natural ability to heal and maintain. Our services include body wraps, facials, waxes, peels, paraffin dips, and phototherapy BBL.

Our esthetic services are used to treat skin-surfacing conditions such as acne, rosacea, skin pigmentation, and skin tightening or conditioning. With our natural line of chemical peels, gentle resurfacing is enhanced to speed skin recovery from uneven tones and scars. Body wraps and facials use detoxifying natural ingredients to reduce toxins and excess body fluids, and are shown to reduce stress and blood pressure. Our paraffin dips are wonderful for soreness and joint and muscle conditions such as arthritis.

To find out what service is right for your condition, contact us for your free skin care consultation!

Skin Care Options

Sun Exposure and Your Skin

What you need to know to keep your skin healthy in the sunny Michigan summers.

With the sunshine beating down on us month after month, it’s important to know what type of damage your skin can be exposed to. After all, ultraviolet rays (UV) sun exposure accounts for nearly 90% of symptomatic skin damage!

Radiation Damage

The damaging effects of UVA and UVB radiation could encourage an array of skin abnormalities: wrinkles, age-related disorders, skin cancer, and lowered immunity to infection. These rays cause the formation of free radicals, which inhibit molecular DNA repair (there by altering a cell’s genetic material) in exposed, collagen-drained and elastin-increasing areas of exposure. Abnormal elastin buildup can create what we call “solar scars,” which are the skin’s expedited route to wrinkles, sagging skin, and uneven tone and spots.


Understanding how free radicals, elastin build up, and skin cell molecular alteration can cause permanent damage is the first step, while the next is to increase your preventative measures. Wearing sunscreen is the most important factor to preventing sun damage and limiting UVA and UVB ray impact on the skin. Wearing sun-proof shirts, shorts, and hats are optimal if you’re not looking to bathe or relax in the sun. If you’re enjoying Lake Michigan with the family on the beach, take breaks from exposure and ensure you’re reapplying sunscreen frequently. Keep in mind that the UVB radiation is most prominent between 10am and 2pm.


HCA is happy to offer you skin nourishment after exposure and long days in the salt and sun. Through therapeutic herbs and gentle exfoliation, our facials and peels are the best option to directly treat sun damage. Replenishing hydration and removing damaged layers is essential to healthy, frequent collagen production and skin turnover. For post-season damage, consider microdermabrasion for a deeper renewal. For a full-body complexion brightening, our body wraps drain toxins and lock in moisture that’s infused with organic herbs for optimal healing. We are happy to tackle your skin concerns and offer preventative options moving forOur Medical Director, Dr. MacField, MD, specializes in resolving hormone imbalances through Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. For both men and women, hormone replacement therapy can curb the symptoms of hormonal alterations that beset in middle-aged adults including fatigue, weight gain or loss, libido changes, digestion issues, hair loss, memory trouble, heart palpations, insomnia and more. HRT is available in oral, pellet or patch form to suit your individual need and preference.

Meet our Skin Primary Care Practitioner

Meet our primary skin care practitioner:
Andrea Hoekzema Thompson

Andrea has been a certified massage therapist since 2011 and Sciton    certified since 2012, both which complement her education background in cosmetology. Her esthetic treatments include facials, body wraps, body treatments, waxing, SkinTyte, hair removal, and BBL.

We are thrilled to offer an array of natural, organic skin care services from these two professional practitioners. We believe radiance and health are an integral part of overall well-being.

We can’t wait to treat you! Contact us for your free skin care consultation.

Upcoming Events:

Guided Meditation and Healing Circle

The First Wednesday of Every Month

This monthly offering is provided by Healing In America and is focused on assisting attendees with finding peace and joy through energy healing and guided meditation.

Meditation is a proven natural method to reducing stress, taming anxiety, promoting emotional well-being, increasing self awareness, and expanding attention span. It may also contribute to your body’s ability to naturally heal itself by encouraging relaxation and homeostasis. Whether you’re sick or healthy, anxious or content, depressed or satisfied—meditation can help you improve your approach and overall quality of life. We greatly encourage adults and youth in our community to try this simple method of therapy that generates self-awareness and healing!

Join this supporting group to learn or solidify your foundation for mindful self-compassion. These sessions are welcome to the public and are held every first Wednesday of the month from 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.

HCA Calendar

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HCA & Partner Events at a Glance:

Guided Meditation & Healing Circle: Wed, August 7th, 7-8 p.m. Visit for an evening of healing & introspection with trained local guides. More

Adaptive Yoga for People with Parkinson’s: No Classes in August! Classes resume September 9th.  If you missed our previous series, sign up for our late summer session! Details

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction: 8Thursdays, 9:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.  This 8-week course began on June 20, inquire about our other sessions! ! Details

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FREE Sauna or Paraffin Dip
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