Memoir Writing Mini-Retreat

January 26, 2020 – 1:00 – 5:00 PM – Cost: $33

Your stories won’t tell themselves; you must put pen to paper and unearth it all! And, the very act of writing personal memoir is cathartic and liberating; you learn to embrace your former self, walk with your “shadow” self, look at your life with fresh eyes–and laugh, wonder, and, yes, even cry. Join Creativity Coach and Writer Michele Lussky for a 4-hour memoir-writing mini retreat. This will be an opportunity for you to gain the necessary tools to get started in this somewhat daunting process. She will provide some fun, and very useful, creativity exercises to keep you writing for months to come. Come experience the liberating process of personal narrative writing! Refreshments provided.

Location: in the large room on the lower level of Holistic Care Approach.

Cost: $65.00

Thank you!
Michele DeVoe Lussky
Creativity Coach, Writing Consultant, Intuitive, Teacher, BreathWork Facilitator, Wanderer, and Wonderer