Mindfulness for Beginners II- 3-Hour Workshop with April Kaiserlian, LMSW

Saturday, March 14, 2020 – 2:00 – 5:00 PM

Mindfulness for Beginners II

Congratulations on completing Mindfulness for Beginners Part I! An important first step in mindfulness is effort – learning about the practice and then experimenting with when, where, and how to practice. Once you have established some momentum, you are able to invite more ease into your practice. Part II of Mindfulness for Beginners will help you find this balance between effort and ease.

Navigating the challenges and joys of a long-term meditation practice can be difficult. Part II will help you with these challenges. It is more open-ended, so you will have a chance to ask questions about and receive support for your practice.

Building on what you learned in M4B I, this workshop will introduce you to lovingkindness practice and walking meditation. You will refine the skills you already have and develop new ones to help you make mindfulness a part of your everyday life.

What We Will Explore: 

  • Balancing effort and ease
  • Suggestions on how to navigate the challenges of a long-term practice
  • How to integrate mindfulness into difficult situations
  • Sitting, walking, and lovingkindness meditation
  • Cutting edge neuroscience
  • And more!

Registration Information:

Cost: $55 per person – $49 if registered by March 6th


**Special Offer**
All participants who complete both M4B I & II are invited to attend any of our All-Day Retreats for $55. The Retreats are an opportunity to practice several meditation techniques over an extended period.

Questions? Call 616.361.3660 or email us at: info@grcfm.com

Mindfulness for Beginners I & II


Bring a lunch and spend the day with us!

*M4B I is a prerequisite for M4B II