Reiki, pronounced ray-key, is a Japanese word meaning “universal life force energy.”

ReikiIt is a gentle hands-on healing treatment that assists in balancing one’s major energy centers (chakras). When these are in harmony, there is the potential for the body to self heal and the mind to be calmed. It is understood that Reiki serves one’s highest good, and because it integrates body, mind, and spirit, a session can positively affect the physical, psycohological, social, and spiritual issues. It also complements other forms of treatment, bodywork or therapy.

A Reiki Session…..

  • Is done while on a massage table, with the client fully clothed, removing only shoes and heavy jewelry/watches
  • Lasts about one hour
  • Is done by gently laying hands on, or with hands slightly above, the client with each postition held for several minutes
  • Is, to some people, deeply relaxing while others find it highly energizing
  • Can incorporate essential oils, if desired
  • Can be done with “image work” to further one’s healing
  • You may wear loose, comfortable clothing
  • Can be done at Holistic Care Approach in Grand Rapids, MI by our Reiki master

How Reiki Can Help You!

  • Reiki can assist in releasing knots & tension that remain stuck after repeated massages using “Image Work” . Often accompanies emotions that are stuck and that need to be released, bringing cleansing and healing.
  • Reiki can assist in faster healing from surgeries if done both before and after the surgery. Also, can help heal the trauma associated with having the body & energy field being invaded by the actual surgical cut, the anesthesia, the IV’s, the other pokes and prods that happen while undergoing surgery, and the often lack of empathetic touch from those in the medical world.
  • Reiki can give cancer patients a boost to their energy field that can assist in greater energy and healing during their treatments of chemo, radiation, surgery, and the many CAT scans and other tests that can drain energy. It can also assist in healing the emotional and spiritual issues that accompany a cancer diagnosis. Keeping the energy field and the body at a higher vibration may help the cancer slow down so that the other treatments are more effective. The body’s energy can be measured at approximately 58-62 MHz and if it dips too much below 58, then it is much easier for “disease” and illnesses to get started in the first place. Raising the vibration may help with healing.
  • Stress reactions in the body such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and chest tightness & tension have been alleviated and controlled with consistent Reiki appointments.
  • Prolonged grief and/or issues of forgiveness (for self or others), physical and emotional abuse have been released, over time, so that the client can “get on with their life.”
  • Can be uses as complimentary therapy to medications for people who are being treated for psychiatric conditions such as bi-polar, anxiety disorders, etc.
  • Reiki assists in faster healing of broken bones, bumps, bruises or burns by keeping the energy flowing well in those areas and healing the trauma accompanied with the injury or accident.
  • Can assist clients in slowing down, being still and often “going someplace else” similar to meditation where the entire person can then “self heal” and experience relief and respite from the stress and anxiety that often accompany our lifestyles. We simply do not often have the alpha(relaxed and effortless altertness), delta (deep sleep) or theta (light sleep and drowsiness) brainwaves since we are so often in the beta (stress and anxiety) mode!
  • Can bring fresh and creative insights into client’s situations at work, home, and with all of their relationships making them better able to handle their lives more effectively.
  • And more!

We recommend you receive a series of three Reiki treatments about 1 week apart at Holistic Care Approach in Grand Rapids, MI. The therapist will then reassess how you are doing and either continue at 1 week intervals or spread out the sessions. Three sessions can help the body “remember” what it is like to have the chakras open, balanced, and integrated. View Reiki pricing.