NAET Case Study

When I first came to see Barb, my chemical sensitivities were still very severe.  I was what is commonly referred to as a Universal Reactor.  Meaning, it would be easier to tell you what I wouldn’t react to rather than what I would.  I was highly reactive to personal care, cleaning products, exhaust, pesticides, paint, drywall, Lyme, formaldehyde, ink, printing, paper, detergents, fabric softener, perfumes, deodorants, hair care products, cigarettes, food additives, MSG,  gasoline, gas for heating and cooking, diesel, plastic, radiation, microwaves, noise, vibrations, EMF, everything really, except most whole foods. I would break out in strange rashes, the body would blow up  like a balloon coupled with severe body pain, leg cramps, seizures, migraines, impaired vision, extreme lethargy, brain fog, insomnia, etc.  I would find myself “lost” after pumping gas, with no idea where i was or where i was supposed to be going.

Like most people with chemical sensitivities,  I’d done a number of things and seen a number of doctors before deciding to do NAET.  While each of them brought some measure of relief, after a time, there would be no more improvement.  And, eventually, the state of my health would once again begin to regress.

At the time of my first visit, my primary concern was my daughter’s upcoming wedding. I knew unless a miracle happened,  there was no way i could attend. I was also worried about my job.  I work at a fragrance free facility but was having a hard time using a computer.  My hands would break out in strange, bean like, red bumps along with little blisters.  My right hand was twice the size of the left hand.  I needed to wear sunglasses and EMF gloves complete with ground wires.  At home, I put on a masque of French Green Clay.  Often the noise from the CPU was so loud it made me weak and I’d end up laying on the floor because it was too much to sit up.

I began NAET in January of 2009 and, on July 12th, 2009, I walked down the aisle to watch my beautiful daughter, Jourdan, get married.  I even danced the night away at her reception.  I still have a ways to go, but no longer need to wear sunglasses or EMF gloves to use the computer.  If I have an exposure to an irritant recovery time is FAST!  Often, all that’s needed to recover is to remove myself from the “smell.” A far cry from when it used to take days, weeks and sometimes months, to recover.  I am able to go places with grace and ease and, recently did some painting in our kitchen and tile work in the bathroom.

NAET is a miracle and Barb is a miracle worker. I am deeply grateful for her innate ability to heal mind, body and spirit. I appreciate her compassion, her ability to listen and really “hear,”  the way we work, together, as a team, along with her skill as a practitioner. I am thankful for her knowledge and dedication to her patients and for the remarkable improvements in my overall health and well being. No matter what your affliction may be, there is hope with NAET.

Kathy Needham Fitzpatrick