Ear Candling

4a2c096234938_EarEar candling is a traditional technique used to gently remove blockage from the ear canal. It can also relieve ringing and pressure in the ears, and is a service offered at Holistic Care Approach in Grand Rapids. View our pricing.

A Natural Ear Wax Removal Technique

Ear candling is an old Home-Remedy that is believed to help with various ear disorders. A hollow candle is lit with a match and placed in the ear. This process can be safely used to lessen sinus pressure, ringing, and fluid in the ears and in many cases it enhances hearing. Using candles is more comfortable and generally less expensive than conventional methods of ear healing.

The practice of candling is actually an ancient art form and is very popular in Europe. At the present time however, we know of other areas of the world such as China, Mexico, Italy, and Canada where ear candling is a very common natural ear wax removal technique.

Candling Questions and Answers

Does candling really work?: Response from several thousand users indicates candling is very effective.

How does candling work?: Aside from helping to remove wax, it is thought that since the ears are so delicate that the movement of smoke and the heat from the candle can cause subtle energy changes which in turn may offer relief from pressure or energy blockage. There are frequent reports of relief from ear wax build up, hearing problems, ringing in the ears, sinus problems, headaches, and even infection.

Can all of that wax remaining in the used portion of the candle really be from my ear? No. Some of the wax residue is from the candle. By carefully examining the residue, you may be able to distinguish between candle and ear residue. The most important thing to notice after candling is how good your ears feel!

How often can candling be used? This has to be an individual decision. It takes ears about 24 hours to replace their protective coating of wax if it has been removed. Obviously, using candles every day would not be advisable. Common sense is the best determining factor.


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