IV Therapy

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Felice is a mixture of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The IV infuses over 1 ½ hours up to 3 hours. These are helpful for chronic fatigue, malabsorption, viruses and illnesses, pre and post chemotherapy treatments, pre and post surgery. They are also helpful for persons with depleted vitamins and minerals, decreased energy levels and compromised immune systems.
Half ( 90 min)
Full (3 hour)
Myers Cocktail is a mixture of vitamins and minerals in an infusion. The IV infuses over 45 minutes to an hour. It is primarily useful for individuals with fatigue, fibromyalgia, uticaria, and hypothyroidism.
1 hr $105
Vitamin C IV infuses over 1-3 hours and is helpful for people with persistent colds, illnesses, and cancer.
50 Gm 1hr
75 Gm 90 min
100 Gm 3 hr
Ozone  treatments take 30-45 minutes. Blood is drawn through the IV tubing and run through a device, the blood is then oxygenated and infused back into the person. Highly effective for treating viruses and bacterial infections, excellent for treating shingles, mono, and Epstein Barr Virus.
30 min $125
Gaby is a mixture of vitamins & minerals given IV push over 3-5 minutes. It is used in cases of fatigue, at the first signs of an illness, decreased energy levels, and in cases of mineral and vitamin depletion.
10 min $30
Alpha Lipoic Acid is a compound made endogenously in humans that is a co-factor for vital producing reactions in the body. It is highly effective for cancer, generating glutathione, and removing products of organ damage.
90 min   Staring at $130
Magnesium is a combination of magnesium and B6. It is used for acute migraines, cluster headaches, angina, and asthma attacks. 1/2 hr $75
Blood Draws are provided at HCA. We draw and process the blood. It can be sent to either local or specialty laboratories. 5-10 min $22
Methylcobalamin is a prescription drug derived from the vitamin B12. This can help to heal problems with the central and peripheral nervous system, improve depressed immune function and help to restore more normal sleeping patterns. Many patients not improved energy as well.


Peter S. Macfield, MD