Theresa Pearce

Theresa Pearce is founder and director of services at Be Aligned. Her 35 years of experience in wellness and holistic health care includes certification in the Rolf Method Of Structural Integration, Upledger Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Integrative Restoration (IRest ), Touch For Health, Feng Shui, and Neurosculpting®. Areas of study include: yoga, pilates, dance, music and sound therapy, breathwork, aromatherapy and herbal medicine, ergonomics. meditation, and sustainable lifestyle practices.

Since beginning her career in 1981, Theresa has enjoyed collaborating with medical and mental health providers, yoga teachers, wellness coaches, and business owners. Her passion for introducing simple yet profound ideas and practices into personal and professional life is contagious and the practices are easily implemented by people of all ages and capabilities. Theresa also believes that a good  dose of humor can slide us through some rough times and experiences as we allow ourselves to explore what may be possible in our lives. This means please expect your sessions and groups to be liberally sprinkled with moments of lightheartedness and joy!  If you work with Theresa endless gratitude and compassion is held for you as you open up to allowing the possibility of creating a revised life story with a greater sense of well-being.

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