Holistic Care Services in Grand Rapids, MI

Fotolia_9333559_XS_SMHere’s a list of the services you’ll find offered at Holistic Care Approach. Any of our high-quality essential oils or herbs used in your treatments, can also be purchased at our facility. To address specific conditions we carry a variety of superior supplements that have been chosen to align with our services. All are natural products for general wellness and detoxification.

About Our Services

Bodywork, Energy Work, Naturopathic & Other Therapies


Whether you want to lose weight or quit smoking, relieve stress or combat pain, manage conditions such as diabetes or chronic fatigue, or just live a healthier life—Holistic Care Approach can help. Some of our programs include: pain management, stress management, women’s health (including infertility), substance abuse, smoking cessation, heart health, and weight control. We also offer a range of health and wellness programs, workshops and seminars designed for Corprate and Non-Profit groups. Our popular On-Site Chair Massage program is an example of how we can also bring our services to groups.


Fotolia_4435113_XS_SMThe key to getting the results you want is to find a program tailored to meet your specific needs. Our team will listen and talk with you about your health goals and the obstacles in your way, then work with you to get you started on the road to feeling your best. We offer packages of services, or we can customize a program especially for you.


Holistic Care Approach is not out to replace your conventional health care providers or medications. We’re here to complement more traditional therapies from a holistic point of view—working with your body, mind, and spirit to achieve the healthy life you deserve.

We also specialize in preventive care—which could mean fewer visits to your doctor’s office, and fewer dealings with the insurance industry.