Glytone-peelHolistic Care Approach offers eleven chemical peel systems specially designed for eyes, lips, face, hands, neck and back. Discover Glytone by Enterpeel at HCA! These are Chemical Peel Procedures that offer “results with less downtime.” Our peels are exclusive to physician offices that provides targeted solutions for skin health through the combination of in-office procedures and at-home treatments. The Glytone peel expertise includes:

  • Highest Free acid value which means it delivers more glycolic acid to the skin due to its lower, controlled PH formulation
  • The patented technology allow a better chemoexfoliation with less surface trauma

Benefits of chemical peels

  • Smoother, softer skin texture
  • Improved skin tone and radiance
  • Diminished appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pore size
  • Reduced appearance of dark spots and discolorations

What can you expect from us?

  • We will explain the procedure to you ahead of time in our free one hour consultation
  • We will follow up after the procedure with instructions and post-procedure products

The Mandelic Peel

  • Ideal for sensitive and redness prone skin types
  • This treatment offers pore tightening, acne reducing, over all color correction with minimal discomfort
  • Great maintenance exfoliation treatment

Eye and Lip


  • Significantly improves the skin’s firmness around the eye and lip area.
  • Improves wrinkles, crows feet, and fine lines
  • Ideal use around the delicate areas of the brows, eyelid, crows feet, lips cupid bow
  • Improves skin tone and luminescence
  • Lightens the dark circles under the eyes, lightens hyper pigmented lesions and firms the appearance of aging with this simple 20 minute session
  • For the lips you will experience fuller lips that are shaped and more defined, accentuating the lip border
  • Lightens the melanin mustache

Suggested Series for maximum results: 4  Sessions  1-2 weeks apart

Neck and Chest

This treatment will address your premature aging on the neck and chest where you would like to see tight firm skin, improved resilience, and textural change, with a remodeled youth appearance.  Also beneficial for troubled acne scars on the cheeks. Results are visible after 1-2 treatments!

Hands and Forearms

Soften aging skin on the hands in an easy session.  Firms loose skin and brings out luminosity while also reducing the appearance of sun damage, age spots and moderate hyper-pigmentation. Results after 3 treatments!

Salicylic Back and Chest

Smooths rough bumpy skin caused by acne and oily skin.  Effective on the Back and Chest.  This treatment is painless and the results are quickly achieved after 3 treatments!

Call or contact us today to schedule an appointment for your next peel, and discover the Glytone difference!


Andrea Hoekzema Thompson