Speaking Engagements

BarbMeconisBarb is a passionate and engaging speaker and published author who culls her 34 years as a Registered Nurse in acute and chronic care combined with her background in healing touch, medical intuitive training, NAET, and nutrition to deliver meaningful preventive healthcare seminars and workshops for corporate and non-profit organizations. She also offers consult services for organizations interested in setting up wellness programs. Her guiding philosophy is that health and wellness in the workplace is the foundation of corporate productivity. Barb’s expertise in the principles of Integrated Care Management can be tailored to create unique health and wellness seminars that suit the needs of your organization. Wellness seminars can focus on such topics as allergies, nutrition, stress management, time management, work-life balance, smoking cessation, physical activity, weight management and more.

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Employer costs continue to skyrocket in terms of the provision of health care coverage plus the lost productivity of sick days, long-term disability, poorly managed stress and unhealthy lifestyles. Early intervention and lifestyle alteration in many cases prevents disease and improves the sense of well being that is critical to success. Organizations that invest in health and wellness seminars and services enjoy significant benefits, such as:

  • Decreased medical and health insurance costs
  • Decreased absenteeism, worker’s comp claims, and short-term disability
  • Higher morale and retention
  • A substantial return on investment

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