Speaking Topics

Following are health education topics that are available for Wellness Presentations.

Developing a Healthy Lifestyle
This class will outline a journey that can bring about life changing results for those ready to take the first step.

Choosing Healthy Carbohydrates
What are Carbs? Which carbs should I eat? What illnesses are associated with refined sugar?

Achieving & Maintaining a Healthy Weight
This class will help the learner develop an understanding of the energy equation, and a round the clock plan to boost metabolism.

Coping with Stress
Stress Reduction- Why pay attention? Daily practice of the 30/30/30 principle.

Managing Cholesterol
This class will explore the function of cholesterol in body and the pro’s and cons of drug therapy.

Meditation for Relaxation
This class will share techniques of how to meditate.

Happy Gut, Happy Health
Discusses how to heal the gut and keep it healthy. How the gut is integral to the immune system and various ways to detox and cleanse.

Pain Prevention & Management
This class will outline general principles of pain relief along with effective therapies for common types of pain.

Making Children’s Favorite Foods Healthier
This class will outline four principles of Healthy Eating.

Becoming More Physically Active
This class will explore activity as a medicine, including, guidelines, motivators, and benefits.

Choosing Healthy Fats
What are Fats? Why do I need them? Good fats versus bad fats!

The Mind & Body Connection
This class will include the basic principles of Mind/Body Medicine, Mind/Body therapies, and Tactics for self care.

Health Screening and Wellness Checks, What Do I Need and When?
This class will outline an owner’s manual for preventive screenings and self care.

Preventing Cancer through Wellness
This class will explore a prescription you can fill at the local supermarket and much more!

Are Allergies Affecting your life?
How NAET can eliminate your allergies. An introduction to NAET and how it works.

Secrets to Healthy Sleep
Do you feel tired during the day? Do you have a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep or needing naps?

Choosing the Right Proteins
What are those healthy sources of protein and how much protein do I really need?

Pain Free 1-2-3 – Eliminating Chronic Pain Naturally
This class will explore giving your body what it needs to heal your pain & how to eliminate causes and triggers of pain.

Natural Remedies for Common Problems
This class will explore some natural therapies that can help with everyday conditions such as insomnia, headaches, and anxiety.

Love the Skin You Are In
This class will explore how our exterior reveals secrets to our inner health as well as how to reverse skin aging.

Natural PreNatal Care

Alternative Medicine – What should I know?
This class will offer the learner knowledge about some natural therapies that can be integrated with conventional medicine to optimize health.

Life After Cancer: Survivorship
Staying cancer free: Creating a bodily environment which is inhospitable to cancer.

Weight Loss Tips

The Endocrine System

Flower Essences

Raw Foods – Real Health
What are the benefits? Is eating raw healthier? How do you switch to eating raw?

Shopping and Organic Buying Tips- Including Recipes!  This class will explore organics, label reading, and recipe substitutions with healthier ingredients.

Environmental Impacts Toxins

Aromatherapy: Using Essential Oils for Mind, Body, Spirit
How they work and how to use them in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions about Water and Salt
This class will discuss some of the facts and myths along with the hidden messages of water.

Drugs that help and those that don’t

Rethinking Brain Health

Integrating CAM therapies into the Care of the Cardiovascular Patient