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Corporate TestimonialsFotolia_4535148_XS_SM

“We chose Employee Appreciation Day to offer chair massage for our employees. The staff from Holistic Care Approach did an amazing job energizing each individual and returning them to work rejuvenated!”

– Ken Fortier,
Quantum Leap Communications

“Rockford Construction employees look forward to the 15 minute massage, which provides them tension release during work hours. The employee says it best: ‘Knowing I have a massage to look forward to is an added benefit of working here. The massage therapist focuses on areas where I am feeling tension, allowing me to return to my job more relaxed, focused and refreshed.”

– John J. Wheeler,
Chairman and CEO

Testimonials for Speaking Engagementsbarb_meconisHS200

Barbara has been the main speaker for two of our annual “Women’s Health Night” events. Her creative, knowledgeable, and energetic presentations have challenged and motivated the women of our community to make lifestyle changes for wellness.
Kathleen Lucas, RN,C, FCN
(Parish Nurse, Grand Haven, MI)

Testimonials for HCA ServicesFotolia_1316272_XS_SM

“The Holistic Care Approach literally turned my life around.  I had a herniated disc in my upper back and was in a great deal of pain.

I called in desperation for some relief.  Barb got me right in and with a series of weekly massages, the pain has totally disappeared.  No surgery, no invasive procedures.  Total quality care with amazing results for both body and soul!”

– Lynn D. Heemstra, Executive Director
Our Community’s Children

“Acupuncture is the best thing ever. Steve is wonderful and compassionate. My migraines have diminished. What a great feeling!”

– Lisa Mullen

“My name is Colleen Roersma and I would like to tell the world about the amazing experience and results that I have achieved through Barb Meconis who is an incredibly gifted practitioner of NAET. I have suffered from allergies most of my life. In the early 90’s I tried allergy shots with limited success. As the years progressed the affects of the allergies had really taken their toll on me. I had continuous swelling of my sinuses, brain fog and was limited on the type of food groups I could eat without side effects. I was desperate for some kind of relief. In a short time through NAET Barb had me back to “normal” and my body began to absorb the healthy food and nutrients with no negative reactions. Without medication I am no longer tired, I can eat what I want and am happy to say I can enjoy the outdoors without suffering.”

– Colleen Roersma

“I have been a client of Holistic Care Approach since the summer of 2000. I found HCA when I was looking for a qualified massage therapist to help alleviate my back pain in my later stages of pregnancy with my first daughter. Once my daughter was about 6 weeks old, I then began bringing her in for infant massage with Molly while I got massages with Barb. It was the most amazing experience. Now several years later, and several children later, I have had a wide variety of experiences with HCA. These services have ranged from Craniosacral Therapy for my infant daughter and myself to Hot Stone therapy and Thai massage. Each and every practitioner I have had has been excellent. As a personal trainer in the health industry for over 20 years, I have experienced massage all over the country and I have never had a better experience with more qualified professionals. I recommend HCA to all of my clients, friends and colleagues.”

– Kristi Tuck

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