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“My name is Colleen Roersma and I would like to tell the world about the amazing experience and results that I have achieved through Barb Meconis who is an incredibly gifted practitioner of NAET. I have suffered from allergies most of my life. In the early 90’s I tried allergy shots with limited success. As the years progressed the affects of the allergies had really taken their toll on me. I had continuous swelling of my sinuses, brain fog and was limited on the type of food groups I could eat without side effects. I was desperate for some kind of relief. In a short time through NAET Barb had me back to “normal” and my body began to absorb the healthy food and nutrients with no negative reactions. Without medication I am no longer tired, I can eat what I want and am happy to say I can enjoy the outdoors without suffering.”

– Colleen Roersma

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